Hire AS380B Battery Compact Scrubber Dryer

Viper AS380B Battery Compact Scrubber Dryer available for casual or long-term hire.

Price on Application
Product Description

The Viper AS380B offers the perfect solution for small delis, green-grocers, or stores - without the hassle of dragging a power cord.. Small and nimble, the parabolic squeegee follows the direction of the scrub brush ensuring all water solution is collected cleanly and efficiently.

  • Compact and user friendly micro scrubber/dryer ideal for small to medium areas, as will as narrow and tight spaces.

  • Ergonomic, adjustable and foldable handle provides easy use and storage.

  • Extremely compact machine that provides easier transportation and greater manoeuverability.

Simple Storage
Simple Storage

Ergonomic folding handle allows any operator to adjust control panel height to their individual preference, as well as providing an extremely compact storage ability.

Supremely Compact
Supremely Compact

Small and light design coupled with the long, sturdy control handle ensures cleaning is a breeze for any operator with highly maneuverable capabilities.

No Fuss
No Fuss

Clever parabolic squeegee design follows the direction of the scrub deck ensuring a mess-free collection of water improving the overall cleaning result.

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